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Sartoria Ciardi

O'Mast. This is how we can call Renato Ciardi, with the respect he deserves. O'Mast, the master, il Maestro. Renato Ciardi is one of the greatest Neapolitan tailors. The suits and jackets he makes are the very essence of the Neapolitan style: a natural shoulder construction, also known as spalla morbida, a high armhole, the famous spalla camicia shirt sleeve shoulder construction and the three on two roll buttons. A jacket made following these standards feels like a second skin.

Renato Ciardi studied with the greatest Italian master tailors: Emilio Schubert from Rome, who was called "il sarto delle dive", the tailor of the stars, Antonio Gallo, Roberto Combattente, and Angelo Blasi, who is considered by Renato Ciardi as "the greatest tailor of all time", and taught him how to be a tailor.

Nowadays, Renato Ciardi teaches his two sons Enzo and Roberto, in order to pass on the torch of the sartoria. You can see them discussing about the art of the Neapolitan tailors in the great documentary film "O'Mast" by Gianluca Migliarotti.

Here at Zampa di Gallina, we are proud to put forward the extraordinary skills of the Sartoria Ciardi, and to propose the very essence of the Neapolitan style with three different types of sport coats. These astonishing pieces typify the art of Renato Ciardi and his two sons Enzo and Roberto: clean, uncluttered lines and very soft jackets that you almost don't feel on your shoulders. "Non me la sente a dosso", as the Neapolitans say, "I don't feel it on my shoulders".

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