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Francesco Marino

The Best-Kept Secret of the Neapolitan Tie.

That's how we can define Francesco Marino's aerial ties. Marino, a name only known by the happy few of the luxury industry makes for more than 70 years amongst the best and the slightest ties in the world for some of the biggest names of the men's elegance. If those names cannot be given due to professionnal confidentiality, some of the patterns used are recognizable among all.

The crafsmanship takes place in a small workshop in San Giorgio-a-Cremano where about ten persons sew and assemble the beautiful pieces of art that will be knotted around the necks of the elegant men all around the world. Francesco Marino is a genuine tie lover and make a point of wearing a tie every single day, as a true gentleman.

We had the honor of being welcomed by Francesco himself and Patrick, his son and the crown prince of this Tie Realm, to share a buon caffè and to visit this little workshop that conceal treasures of fabrics and patterns. Francesco even gave us a personal course on how to properly knot a tie.

Zampa di Gallina is proud to offer for the first time in Europe the magnificent and aerial Francesco Marino Ties. The fabrics were chosen with the wise advises and the benediction of Francesco and Patrick.

Ties Francesco Marino Napoli

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