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The Polo shirt

The Polo Shirt is the new casual chic

The polo shirt is an iconic piece for every gentleman. Centerpiece of Italian Elegance (what a pleonasm), it represents the spirit and the symbol of the « sprezzatura », theclassy nonchalance that defines Italian and especially Neapolitan style.

One man represented the Italian chic through the 4 golden decades of style : 50’s, 60’s, 70’s: Gianni Agnelli, L’Avvocato.

Regarded as one of the most ever well-dressed men, the mogul of the FIAT group is the man who popularized the Polo Shirt with his white G. Ingrese, a reference.

His polo shirts were « sempre » part of his wardrobe when he went chilling on the Costa Amalfitana, mainly in Capri. These Polo shirts gave to his relaxed look a certain je ne sais quoi, a natural casualness and chic: The Definition of Style.

L’Avvocato has influenced many generations of gentlemen around the world. He still does. The Zampa di Gallina Polo shirt is a  homage to him.

You will find it in white, light blue and marine, made by one of the best shirtmaker in Napoli., famous in Japan for its high level cotton fabric, who advised us on the weight and the thickness of the cotton,

We chose a well-balanced mercerized cotton: not too transparent but not too heavy in order to keep comfort and freedom of movement. 

We were of course due  to try them first, which was successfully done at the Pitti with a grey suit (what a work dedication!))

According to its name, the Polo Shirt is a perfect balance between the casual spirit of the polo and the more classic structure of a formal shirt (with cuffs and collar that usually belong to the shirt). We chose a cutaway collar with a length of 8,5 cm. The collar has also collar stays. The fitting is slim but not too much, in order to fit all kind of morphologies, throughout the day(let’s say before and after dinner…). The buttons are made in mother-of-pearl, handsewn in zampa di gallina a guarantee of robustness.

But what makes it a unique and elegant piece is the « apertura », the opening of the front placket : about 20 cm long with 4 buttons which makes it slightly more open-necked than a classic polo. This detail defines the Polo Shirt and makes it recognizable among all at first sight.

Available from size XS to XXL,. You can check your size in our Size Guide.

Our polo shirt will soon be available in three different colors, at Zampa di Gallina.
There is no doubt that this polo shirt is going to be one of the most valued item of your wardrobe.
Halfway between a polo and a shirt, it can be used in many different outfit combinations, wether you want to play it chic, sportswear or casual.

Here are a few style advices to enhance your polo shirt :

Mix it with a classical suit ( super 100 or a twill for instance) or a more casual one ( in  cotton or light flannel).
Three colors are available (white, light blue and navy blue), which will match perfectly with any grey suit, as well as any shade of navy blue or beige.

You can also go to the « tone on tone » experience, with a dark blue suit-royal blue polo shirt combo, or a more summery option with a light beige suit and a white polo-shirt, two great combinations!
You can also tune it up with a necktie, preferably in wool, cashmere or knitted so that the tie won’t clash with the casual look of polo-shirt.

The length and the shape of the collar ar perfect for these kind of combinations!

Wear it volontarily mismatched with the trousers and the jacket, to enhance the essence of this item : the «casualstyle ».
And, of course, with a pair of jeans or chino pants and your favorite sneakers for simple but classy look.

In this case, the perfect length of the polo-shirt allows you to wear it inside or outside the pants.The polo-shirt Zampa di Gallina : a unique shirt, for a unique style.

The Polo Shirt

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